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fly presentation is a game of inches

time for a new ruler

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The tate modern quad is the patented next generation fly rod that naturally channels energy for unmatched accuracy, control, and power.


Why is the tate modern quad flat?





This oscillation test demonstrates the advantage of the tate modern quad.



conventional rod



tate modern quad

A conventional round rod flexes equally in 360°, while the tate modern quad is engineered to flex in the targeted direction of your casting stroke. 



(Owner & Senior Guide at High Desert Angler)

"It’s insanely accurate both close up and at distances. The Tate Modern Quad redefines the whole idea of tracking. It casts like it’s on rails. It feels like the rod intuitively knows where you are looking to put your fly.


It takes some getting used to because it's not like any other rod. If you listen to it and work with it, the Modern Quad does things no other rod can do. I keep learning more tricks and advantages all the time.


It roll casts beautifully, and it’s a mending machine. As far as fighting fish, it delivers solid hook sets and allows you to apply the right pressure to steer fish if you know what you’re doing, which is especially useful in and out of heavy current."



The tate modern quad is the first fly rod designed from the ground up with accuracy as the primary objective because fly presentation is a game of inches, and nothing else really matters if your fly misses the target.


Our flat laminate design is inspired by advancements in archery bow limbs. Accurately directing energy is key for hitting the dead center of the bullseye with an arrow, and the same advantage applies to presenting your fly with a smooth, targeted delivery.

arrows focus to archery target.jpg

While the goal for designing conventional rods has been to make them so light as to "disappear" in your hand, at tate we believe that it is more important for a casting tool to feel like an extension of your hand.


The rectangular cross-section of a tate modern quad resists off-target motion to the left or right. This lateral stability results in a poised casting motion so your rod works intuitively with you to stay on target in the casting plane.



wasted energy



targeted energy


Conventional fly rods bend equally in any direction, 360°, because they are all essentially round tubes. Fly fishing does not call for the same flex profile in all directions.


Casting line forward, for example, is not the same challenge as fighting a fish, just as mending line is not the same action as loading your back cast.


An angling tool has to perform many distinct actions with particular demands depending on the direction and the task at hand. So, we designed the angular profile of the tate modern quad for unprecedented dimensional control.



The tate forward flex profile 

is matched for specific line weight in the casting direction.

The tate backward flex profile 

takes into account the back cast and pulling direction, providing more power to load line quickly and backbone to tame fish with authority.


The tate lateral flex profile 

provides side-to-side stability for crisp line mending and mechanical advantage to tactfully steer fish.



These different flex profiles offer stability and leverage when you need to apply pressure, and just the right intuitive, natural touch when it is time to slow down, find the perfect fly for the moment, and present it with grace.


Our ​tate modern quad profile aligns the power fibers facing directly across from each other so they all work in tension and compression at maximum potential. This alignment naturally aims the effort you put into your cast instead of wasting energy around the sides of a hollow tube.

This efficient generation of energy allows us to achieve power to spare with a shorter length tool, offering greater agility and maneuverability. 


The power fibers on the stronger side of a tate modern quad are calibrated to quickly damp the aftershock between tension and compression as the line leaves the tip of the rod. This results in less friction and translates into smooth line-shooting speed.



Our patented rod blank is a revolutionary step forward in modern angling design.


The tate modern quad is inspired by the physics driven geometry and structure of modern archery bow limbs.


The proprietary flat panel construction of the tate modern quad involves layers of carbon fiber skins sandwiching our aircraft grade sitka core.


We use the same carbon fiber skin layup featured in some of the world's fastest archery bow limbs.

Prized for its incredible strength and uniform grain structure, sitka is used in airplane and sailboat spars, and its resonant quality makes it an excellent tonewood used in violins and guitars.


  • The woven, bi-directional carbon provides torsional stability and shields impact damage.

  • The uni-directional carbon provides directional transfer of energy and quick recovery.

  • The aircraft grade sitka provides our core with backbone and sensitivity.

This unique composite of materials featuring distinct advantages all working in concert is what gives the tate modern quad its distinctive feel.

Maggini's violin


Our approach to technology is rooted in thoughtful design and careful material selection. Our unique design and materials allow us to fine tune each rod blank with the care that a luthier takes to perfect the sound of a violin.

about us

tate is an angling tools & equipment company in Austin, Texas. 

Our first patented innovation is the revolutionary tate modern quad fly rod. Founder, Trent Tate, conceived the idea of the rod while working as a guide in Wyoming and Montana.



Our mission is for the next generation. The words "next generation" are loaded with inspiration for our team. These words remind us to always think beyond the conventional path and to blaze new trails of innovation. At the same time, another notion of the words "next generation" reminds us to be mindful about the impact of what we do.


The fly rod industry's ubiquitous quest to make the lightest possible rod has resulted in a general complacency toward the fact that fly rods are so easily broken under normal fishing conditions. We stand against this wasteful notion that fly rods should be disposable consumer products.

We care about the next generation, and so we are dedicated to making fly rods that are sturdy, reliable tools you should expect to hand down to a young angler one day. Your tate modern quad will carry along memories of your water.


When you pass your tate down, your heirloom will deliver a vital lesson about stewardship.



handmade in the U.S.A.

We are dedicated to using only the finest American made components on our rods. If we do not make a specific part ourselves, we find the best artisan in the business to supply it for us.



tate introduces a new standard of angling tools & equipment for the next generation. The signature, handcrafted, artistic level of finish we achieve in our work is inspired by truly innovative design. 

This is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).

tate modern quad

United States Patent Publication No.

US 2017/0360019 Al 

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