Are you a 1%er?

Focus and aim are key to fly presentation, but how well does your fly rod focus and aim? A conventional round fly rod bends equally in 360°. Since pinpoint accuracy requires you to move the rod in a perfectly straight line through the casting stroke, those extra 359° of flex don’t help.

The tate Modern Quad bends more easily in the forward/backward motion and is more stiff side to side. This lateral stability focuses the energy of your cast in line with your casting stroke. You feel how the Modern Quad works with you instead of allowing you to deliver an inadvertently sloppy casting stroke. The feeling and results are as remarkable as being able to rattle off the tiniest line of letters on the Snellen eye chart at your doctor’s office without corrective lenses. • Only about 1% of people have extremely sharp 20/10 vision. It is an advantage prevalent among pilots, pro athletes, shooters and others who rely on exceptional focus and aim. You do not have to have this advantage to be good, but if you refuse to settle for less than being a 1%er, then you have a couple of options worth considering. You can have your vision corrected, and you can fish a tate Modern Quad. • See the next generation fly rod at #tatemodernquad #tateshousugibanflygrip #evolution #innovation #ingenuity #flyfishing #flyfish#flyrods #madeinusa #madeinaustin #buylocal #texasmonthly #outsidemagazine #sportsmansfinest #onepercenter