What if all rock stars were Elvis impersonators?

The conventional round fly rod was introduced the same year Elvis Presley got his first guitar, an 11th birthday present. Sun Records had certainly not heard of him, and he was yet to meet the genius guitarist, Scotty Moore, who would help him craft a new genre of music based on many important influences. And just look at how rock & roll has evolved.

Over the last several decades, we have seen incredible innovation as rock stars have pushed and even shredded the envelope. Bob Dylan lifted lyric writing to the highest form of poetry, and then Jimi Hendrix amplified the experience as though scaling a tower to watch the view through a psychedelic kaleidoscope. So many innovations in music have resulted in such radically different sounds building on other, distinctive sounds that now rock includes everything from Pegboy to Ian Moore.

Meanwhile, for several decades the art of fly rod design has seen but an iota of the drama found in the creativity driving the rock music arena. The most important fly rod innovations in modern time have been borrowed from aerospace industry improvements in plastics, and the fundamental design of our angling tools has remained essentially the same since the middle of the last century. To imagine if this had happened to rock & roll is like some bad dream where all rock stars chose to be Elvis impersonators. Is it not time to shake things up?

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