Hemingway's favorite emoji!!!

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Would Hemingway use emojis? Do exclamation marks really deserve a key? We will not even dignify the first question, but the second one invites thought.

Vintage era typewriters like Royals and Underwoods were paradoxically complex and spartan. They involved a multitude of parts, and yet shunned some features one might expect. For example, they had the usual upper/lower case letter keys and other essentials, but notably, they provided no key for typing an exclamation mark.

So, what if you were typing away, and you arrived at the end of a sentence lacking punch? In order to makeshift an exclamation mark, you had to type a period and then backspace to overstrike an apostrophe. Clearly, these typewriters were not designed to make exclamation marks convenient.

No wonder Ernest Hemingway loved his Royal DeLuxe. A dedicated minimalist, who culled his prose of the inessential, Hemingway used only one exclamation mark in his masterpiece, Old Man and the Sea.

If Hemingway found the end of a sentence needed something to clarify or embolden it, that sentence would be stricken. He refrained from the natural temptation to add more, much less an exclamation mark, and the notion of multiple exclamation marks might invite an impromptu boxing match.

In contrast, he judged his work by how many good lines he cut, and the latent pulse of these words and ideas created a subtle, yet terse, current of energy through his narratives. And so, his stories set a new benchmark for accuracy, control, and power.

“The hardest thing is to make something really true and sometimes truer than true,” Hemingway advised. And we honor this challenge with our fly rods. Our priorities are notably not centered around offering conventional and familiar industry standards. Our mission is to make rods that are truer than true.

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