The first major evolution in fly rod design in 70 years.

When the round tube fly rod was introduced, our fastest jet topped out at 570 mph. Now our fastest jets are poised to break the Mach 20 barrier. Mach 20, by the way, is 15,224 mph. This is real progress. Meanwhile, our fly rods have looked and fished about the same this whole time.

There is something about the look of real progress. You recognized it immediately when you see it. One glimpse of an SR-71 Blackbird or the latest Darpa Falcon Project Hypersonic Vehicle compared to the prior record-setting 570 mph Sabre F-86, and it is clear how evolution and progress are linked perforce to changes in shape and form. If you look, on the other hand, at a fly rod built a few decades ago next to one built today, it tells you something less dramatic. • Thankfully, the progress in the aerospace industry has trickled some of its achievement down to us. We have appropriated the lighter and stronger plastics developed for flying machines, and looking back, the most important advancements in angling tools over the past several decades really just boil down to borrowed plastics. So, why has the fundamental design of fly rods remained essentially the same since the middle of the last century? • The techno-jargon in fly rod advertisements reveals glimpses of the right ideas brewing. We have seen more and more advertisements centered around the buzzword “tracking” to describe a rod that would bend in line with your cast. Such a rod would obviously be more accurate, but you do not have to be an aerospace engineer to know that a round tube bends equally in 360°. 70 years is a long time, but It is never too late for form to follow function. • Unlike a round tube, the rectangular geometry of our Modern Quad naturally channels energy directly in line with the targeted direction of your cast. Tracking is no longer just a good idea—it is real. Our unique design offers benefits beyond accuracy, it also results in greater control, and power. Learn more about the next generation fly rod at #tatemodernquad #madeinusa #madeinaustin #buylocal #texasmonthly #sportsmansfinest