The 1940's called, and they want their fly rod back.

The conventional round fly rod was introduced way back when telephones weighed about 5 lbs, had rotary dials, did not have screens connected to the internet, and would not be very comfortable in your pocket (especially if you tried to walk beyond the length of the chord). If you take a moment to consider the tremendous advances in phone design and technology and compare it to what has happened in the fly rod industry there is no way around the question: Why has the fundamental design of fly rods remained essentially the same since the middle of the last century?

Over the last several decades, advancements in plastics from fiberglass to carbon to nano tech developed for the aerospace industry have driven improvement in fly rod performance. There is nothing wrong with appropriation, but borrowing plastic technology is a far cry from the kind of innovation our favorite tools deserve. • The rectangular geometry of our Modern Quad naturally channels energy in line with the targeted direction of your cast. Unprecedented lateral stability results in greater accuracy, control, and power. It is an evolutionary step forward that you can see and feel. • #tateangling #tatemodernquad #tateshousugibanflygrip #evolution #innovation #ingenuity #flyfishing #flyfish #flyrods #madeinusa #madeinaustin #buylocal #texasmonthly #oustidemagazine #sportsmansfinest