It is not rocket science.

Earthrise was shot during the Apollo 8 lunar orbit by astronaut Bill Anders on December 24, 1968. This image has special significance to Tate Angling Tools & Equipment.

President John F. Kennedy reminded us why we do things like choosing to go to the moon. We thrive on challenges “not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” But what in the world does this have to do with fly rods?

Our company is inspired by JFK’s speech because it reminds us to stay focused on our own mission. We realize that what we are doing is not rocket science. Yet, when the effort to persuade people in our proudly traditional sport to be open-minded about challenging, new ideas seems daunting, we remember Earthrise. • Since the conventional round fly rod was introduced, mankind has built rockets, gone to the moon, and now we have our sights set on Mars. Our means of travel, let alone, space travel, have evolved exponentially, and yet the shape, design, and performance of fly rods has hardly evolved at all. Of course it is not rocket science, but maybe it would have been better off it had been. • Even if fly fishing just boils down to “standing in a river waving a stick,” we do not think it is any crazier than strapping yourself into a rocket or obsessing over the moon. So, our brand of crazy is fretting over deflection, tapers, and torsion because we want that stick to be better for the next generation that stands in the river waving it. • The rectangular geometry of our Modern Quad naturally channels energy in line with the targeted direction of your cast. Unprecedented lateral stability results in greater accuracy, control, and power. See the next generation fly rod at #tatemodernquad #tateshousugibanflygrip #evolution #innovation #ingenuity #flyfishing #flyfish #flyrods #trout #troutbum #madeinusa #madeinaustin #buylocal #texasmonthly #outside magazine #sportsmansfinest #highdesertangler #johngierach #jimharrison