Now featuring the revolutionary helixoid ultramatrix Z-87™ advantage.

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

"Should we go with an exclamation point?" the advertising copywriter asks about the headline. "No," the campaign managers says, "I think the futuristic lingo is loud and clear."

The conventional round fly rod was introduced a few years before the TV dinner was invented. Both products benefited from the post post WWII consumer obsession with anything confirming the modern era like plastics and electronics, and techno-jargon.

Over the past 7 decades, fast food and our experience involving screen time have both evolved exponentially. Think of drive-thrus, microwaves, energy drinks, and without a doubt, the device you are reading this on now. Meanwhile, conventional round rods benefited from advancements in plastics driven by the aerospace industry.

It was a convenient arrangement for the fly rod industry. Just like the fast food industry, the focus on advertising and marketing was as important, if not more important, than the product itself. While the aerospace industry did the hard work of innovating, anglers were dazzled with techno-jargon which centered around the "most important" advantage ever imaginable—fly rods were gradually becoming lighter at a rate of about a half an ounce per decade. A half an ounce per decade, in retrospect, seems like innovation at a snails pace, doesn't it? And yet, many of us, especially the gear heads, just had to have the latest model featuring something like Helixoid Ultramatrix Z-87 or some such futuristic marvel that sounds like it was lifted from a comic strip. The marketing departments in the fly rod industry had their work cut out for them. Hats off to them. They have driven the industry, even if from the shotgun seat.

Now, can we take a pause and admit that while our rods have lost a few ounces through the decades as plastics have improved, the truth beyond all the hype is that the fundamental design of fly rods has remained essentially the same since the middle of the last century—until now.

The rectangular geometry of our Modern Quad naturally channels energy in line with the targeted direction of your cast. Unprecedented lateral stability results in greater accuracy, control, and power. See the next generation fly rod at

NOTE: "Helixoid Ultramatrix Z-87" is just a made-up name, and it is not really a trademark for anything beyond the parody for which it is used here. If we have happened to accidentally stumble upon something anyone is actually using to promote their product, by all means please drop us a line and we will use our favorite technobabble generators to come up with another fake name to use.

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