You've done something people have been trying to do for decades.

The deep water apex predator lurks thousands of feet below the surface of the ocean with the largest eyes on the planet searching for something to devour. It is the elusive kraken. Once thought to be a mere legend of Norse mythology, the kraken remained shrouded in mystery & lore until an intrepid deep-sea explorer, Dr. Edith Widder, & her research team finally caught the giant squid on video. Her story of exploration & innovation inspires us. //

Widder is a bioluminescence specialist who designs & invents new submersible equipment for deep-sea observations. Her cutting edge work is providing glimpses of the kraken, the nightmarish viperfish, & other unfamiliar deep-sea life. • In her 2013 Ted Talk, Widder emphasized, “We’ve only explored 5% of the ocean. There are great discoveries yet to be made down there, fantastic creatures representing millions of years of evolution & possibly bioactive compounds that could benefit us in ways that we can't even yet imagine.” • Describing her kraken encounter, Widder said, “The excitement was incredible. It's just amazing to be able to have a moment like that & realize you've done something people have been trying to do for decades.” • We appreciate having heroes like Edith Widder because we are also familiar with exploring uncharted territory & working hard to accomplish something others have been trying to do for decades. In our industry, the elusive target of fascination has been to create the most accurate fly casting tool possible. • The advertising buzzword for accuracy is “tracking.” It describes the tendency for a rod to flex on target. The problem is conventional round rods bend equally in any direction. Therefore, the term tracking should not be used at all to describe round rods. • The intuitive Modern Quad design, on the other hand, is based on the proven technology of modern archery bow limbs that resist off-target flexing because whether you are casting an arrow or casting a fly, accuracy is everything. • Learn about our exploration into uncharted territories of fly rod design at • Learn more about the outstanding work of Dr. Widder @team_orca_


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