A testimonial from the fly guru of the Pecos River.

Jarrett Sasser is a certified FFF casting instructor and certified FFF guide. Sasser owns the High Desert Angler in Santa Fe, and he is the guru of the Pecos River. He is one of the most entertaining and fishy guides on the planet. We are grateful that he has encouraged the development of the Modern Quad, and we have listened carefully to his feedback. Here is what Sasser says:

"It’s insanely accurate both close up and at distances. The Tate Modern Quad redefines the whole idea of tracking. It casts like it’s on rails. It feels like the rod intuitively knows where you are looking to put your fly. • It takes some getting used to because it's not like any other rod. If you listen to it and work with it, the Modern Quad does things no other rod can do. I keep learning more tricks and advantages all the time. • It roll casts beautifully, and it’s a mending machine. As far as fighting fish, it delivers solid hook sets and allows you to apply the right pressure to steer fish if you know what you’re doing, which is especially useful in and out of heavy current." • #tateangling #tatemodernquad #tateshousugibanflygrip #evolution #innovation #ingenuity #flyfishing #flyfish #flyrods #trout #troutbum #madeinusa #madeinaustin #buylocal #texasmonthly #outsidemagazine #sportsmansfinest #highdesertangler #jarrettsasse r#pecosriver