Without vanity & majestic as a comet.

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

“Behold me the greatest traveler in history, eccentric, irregular, rapid, unaccountable, curious &, without vanity; majestic as a comet,” John Ledyard wrote to his mother. // www.tateangling.com

The brightest minds of our young nation were attracted to this tattooed explorer with quixotic tales from exotic lands. “In 1786, while at Paris, I became acquainted with John Ledyard, of Connecticut, a man of genius, of some science, & of fearless courage & enterprise,” Thomas Jefferson recalled of America’s first explorer. • Ledyard set the tone for his career as an explorer when he dropped out of Dartmouth college. Instead of taking the familiar road home like anyone else would do, Ledyard built a canoe & set off downstream to navigate an uncharted section of the Connecticut River, solo. He knew the river eventually wound past his house in Hartford. • What Ledyard did not know is there were 3 waterfalls along the way. It is no surprise he lost his food & critical provisions. What is telling, however, is the two items he was sure to cling onto besides his canoe were a bearskin & a paddle. It seems the mission of Ledyard’s first adventure was to overshadow his educational failure with something wild. “A bear paddled a canoe into town today.” • John Ledyard knew the key to discovery is that it requires a singular dedication to the magic of curiosity, & the courage to go it alone. • There is safety in numbers & that is why sheep travel shoulder to shoulder in lock step. You risk ridicule, shame, failure, & worse by stepping out of line & leaving the herd. This is exactly why we admire John Ledyard. • We are dedicated to exploring new territories of angling tools & equipment. One look at our Modern Quad tells you that we are not afraid to step away from the conventional round design. It is daunting to defy the standards set by so many venerable angling companies, but we are inspired by heroes like Ledyard who set such a bold example for us. • Read the excellent Ledyard biography by @Billgifford to introduce yourself to America’s first & most interesting explorer. • & learn about our exploration into uncharted territories of fly rod design at www.tateangling.com

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