Thou Shalt Mend.

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

The four letter word most commonly used on the stream by fly guides is mend. Perfect fly selection and presentation are useless as soon as your fly begins to drift unnaturally. This is why guides earnestly remind their clients to mend, mend, mend. So, why has this aspect of rod performance been ignored by the fly rod industry for so long?

Any guide will confirm THOU SHALT MEND is a golden rule that most clients break far too often. And there is something uncanny at the core of this task that confuses the dialogue between the angler and the rod. When it comes to mending, otherwise intelligent anglers inexplicably confuse simple things like their left from their right and upstream from downstream. Could this confusion be related to the fact that mending has been treated like an afterthought by the rod industry? Indubitably, a new approach is in order. The time has come for the conventional paradigm to be broken.

Fly fishing does not call for the same flex profile in all directions. However, conventional fly rods bend equally in any direction, 360°. It is a one-size-fits-all solution that is not ideal. For example, a very stiff rod will mend line well, but it will cast about as gracefully as a broomstick. There is a proportionally inverse relationship between the success of designing a conventional rod to be a good casting tool or to be a good mending tool.

The Modern Quad breaks this conventional paradigm. It is both a graceful casting tool and a powerful mending tool. Since the Modern Quad flexes most easily in the casting plane, it naturally offers more resistance left and right. This extra authority to either side provides handy power to kick your line over and deliver a proper mend.

The technique of mending with a Modern Quad is similar to that of a casino dealer lifting a playing card off of the deck and pitching it across the table to a gambler, and better yet, it is just about as effortless.

We designed the Modern Quad from the ground up, appreciating all of the different tasks our favorite tool must perform on the water. Learn more about our innovative next generation fly rod at