What if your fly rod could be polarized?

Polarized sunglasses became popular around the time the conventional round fly rod was introduced. In 1947, the Armorlite Company produced the CR-39 lens, and the trend to sport shades like WWII aviators started catching on. Before that, many outdoor enthusiasts settled for protective eyewear hardly better than that of ancient hunters who wore flattened wood, bone, or ivory cups over their eyes featuring narrow slits to block out bright light.

Light rays travel in a wave pattern not unlike the bounce you notice in your fly line as it shoots from the tip of your rod on a long cast. The polarizing filters in sunglasses are aligned so that they minimize glare to reveal trout below. It is all about eliminating as many unwanted bouncing waves as possible. So, what if your fly rod could be “polarized” also? • The idea is not far-fetched. Whereas a conventional round rod allows equal flex in 360°, the rectangular shape of the Modern Quad resists bending to the left and right, focusing energy straight in line with the targeted direction of your cast. While the directionality of the Modern Quad is quickly becoming renowned for accuracy, anglers are also beginning to appreciate how it naturally isolates and controls rod tip bounce. • Admittedly, the fact that our Modern Quad resists off-target bounce is not a perfect analogy for polarization. And if we push the analogy as far as we should, what we still need to focus on is the wave pattern caused by aftershock that resembles vertically oscillating light rays. The Modern Quad addresses this challenge as well, but with a slightly different trick. • When we lay up the carbon fiber skins of our rod blanks, we schedule more density on one side than the other. This design strategy allows one side of the rod to overpower the other side in order to naturally damp vibration. It is the closest thing there is to polarization for your fly rod. See the next generation fly rod at www.tateangling.com

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